New "Spokesdog"

You haven’t heard from me for a while, I know. Sorry about that. I was in the process of closing my physical studio/gallery in East Nashville, and getting everything reorganized to teach at a new location and paint in my home studio. Thanks to everyone who helped me reduce inventory and make the physical move.

I also totally revised my website, (well, I didn’t, but had excellent help from my friend Yovi Veliz). Now you can go to my website from any of my digital platforms and order pet portraits online, upload photos for me to work from, and basically make it easy as can be to have an original John Cannon pet portrait. I invite you to check it all out.

I’m also posting the portrait of Kevin for you this morning. Kevin is my “spokesdog” for the new website. In a fairly unusual twist, I actually got to meet Kevin and do the photo shoot with him. He is an absolutely delightful pup, and we had a blast with him. His people now have the portrait and enjoy it very much.

Thanks, and check everything out!