Studio Gallery Closing

Studio Gallery Closing

     Thinking back on my experience with the studio gallery concept, I remember opening my first studio/gallery at The Factory At Franklin in June, 2006.  In some ways it seems like yesterday, but the calendar clearly says that was over thirteen years ago. I was very nervous about the new adventure, but with my usual lack of good sense, proceeded right ahead.  I like to think stubbornness is a virtue, but sometimes I’m not sure.

     In any event, and somewhat to my surprise, the studio/gallery did well there until September 2012, when the property was sold to a new owner.  Sensing things would change (they did), I looked for a new opportunity, and found one with Meg and Bret McFadyen at the Idea Hatchery in East Nashville.

     Few people know this, but I found out about the Factory sale on Tuesday morning, walked in the back door and scared Meg on Wednesday, and had signed a lease for the Idea Hatchery on Friday.  It was, as the old saying goes, kizmet. 

     One month shy of seven years later, the Idea Hatchery was sold, and now I’ve closed this chapter of my art story.  It’s been a short seven years. I think back on the time I’ve had there, and it really seems like no time at all. I’ve met many wonderful people, taught many wonderful students, painted a lot of paintings, sold a lot of paintings, and otherwise had a pretty special time.  And a lot of fun.

     But, as we know, the only constant in life is change.  So now the new changes are that I’ll be teaching a Saturday class at Eastwood Christian Church, in a much larger and brighter room.  Most, if not all my old students will be coming with me, and I already have several new people interested in becoming students. And, perhaps, more teaching opportunities to come.

     I will also now primarily devote myself to commission paintings, specifically the pet portraits.  I’ll also still take commissions for other artwork for the person who has a vision for what they want their art world to be, and want me to bring that vision to life.  Hopefully, I’ll still be able to create unique personal art for the discerning collector.

     So thanks to everyone who made the last seven years at the Idea Hatchery a truly wonderful experience.  Visit me virtually anytime. I look forward to creating for you.